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Live Webinar: TASKING VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M v6.0r1

The TASKING VX toolset for ARM Cortex-M is designed to take advantage of the highly popular ARM architecture. ARM’s presence in many ASIL B/D automotive systems such as airbag, body electronics, and instrument clusters and their broad silicon supplier base (NXP, Infineon, TI, ST..) are key factors in maintaining its position as a leading architecture for 32-bit embedded automotive applications.

The release of TASKING’s next generation of ARM development tools introduces substantial performance gains in multi-core SW development which take advantage of advanced performance and safety features available in the new multi-core ARM product offerings from Infineon (Traveo-II CYT2, CYT3, and CYT4).

Developed with its proprietary Viper technology, the TASKING® VX-toolset for ARM continues to offer unparalleled code optimization performance, advanced multicore support, an integrated debugger, and integration into the popular Eclipse™ platform (IDE). The integrated compiler, assembler, and linker seamlessly provide all the functionality needed to generate safety-compliant software.

Date : July 06, 2022
Time : 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM IST

Hosted By: Priyankar Ghosh (Field Application Engineer)

Attend this live webinar covering the following agenda:

  • The main tools and features of the TASKING VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M v6.0r1
  • Overview of the built environment within IDE
  • Tool Integration Partners and Safety Eco-System
  • Product Licensing and Support
  • Q&A

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Priyankar Ghosh, Field Application Engineer

Priyankar Ghosh

Field Application Engineer

Priyankar is working as Field Application Engineer in VVDN and have studied Electronics and Communication engineering from GNIT. Having good knowledge about Tasking® and other embedded tool features.

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