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Key Features

  • Calculate temperature from currents and/or component heating
  • Calculate current density from current or voltage sources
  • can be easily driven by the Layout /pcb design engineer, developers and technologists
  • Import Gerber & Investigate the Thermal Risk of your PCB
  • Support Any Electronic CAD software tool Gerber files, drill files and netlist
  • Various environmental conditions setup
  • Support direct CAD import for Altium
  • Define Power and Current rating as a parameter in Altium schematic
  • Simulate the Entire board or a section of a board
  • Interactive results in 3D
  • Etc..


  • Virtual thermographs of all layers in high resolution
  • Trace heating (Ampacity) and component heating
  • DC Voltage drop and flow of current in all traces
  • Steady state and transient analysis
  • Maps of the Temperature dependent material properties
  • Inductance Matrix
  • Heat flux vectors.
  • Short to moderate computing times on laptop and PC
  • Flexible server licensing or standalone

TRM is a perfect software for thermal and electrical analysis ( electro-thermal ) of your printed circuit board. With new TRM3 it is even easier and safer to use than before.

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