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NI DAQ Platform

NI CompactDAQ modular data acquisition systems for USB and Ethernet provide sensor and electrical measurements on the benchtop, in the field, and on the production line


NI RIO Hardware Platforms

National Instruments offers a variety of hardware platforms based on the LabVIEW RIO architecture, including NI CompactRIO, NI Single-Board RIO, NI R Series devices, and PXI-based NI FlexRIO modules.


Measurement Modules

NI C Series modules combine A/D converters, signal conditioning, and signal connectivity in one package.Channel counts on the individual modules range from three to 32 channels to accommodate a wide range of system requirements.


Industrial and Embedded Networks

For communication protocols like CAN, CANopen, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet,Modbus, and EtherCAT, NI offers a variety of tools to help you communicate with other devices in your system.


NI PXI Platform

Range of chassis sizes, backplane speeds, and power options all including built-in timing/synchronization and system manageability features. Along with High-performance embedded controllers running Windows or real-time OSs and low-cost remote controllers connected to external PCs.


Mixed-Signal Instruments

Digitizers, generators, dynamic signal acquisition, and high-speed digital I/O to provide stimulus or measure

the response from the device under test (DUT)


Precision DC

Digital multimeters, power supplies, and source measure units to characterize the high-sensitivity components of a circuit



Multiplexers, matrices, general-purpose relays, fault-insertion units, and RF/microwave frequency coverage to interconnect instrumentation and expand I/O


User-Programmable FPGAs

Processing engines connected to high-performance analog and digital I/O or used as coprocessors


All in one Instrument Virtual Bench

The VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument combines a mixed-signal oscilloscope with protocol analysis, an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter, a programmable DC power supply, and digital I/O. The all-in-one features are simple, convenient, and provide more efficient circuit design, debugging, and validation.


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