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Live Webinar: Real-Time BOM Management with ActiveBOM in Altium Designer®

Good component selection underlies the success of every electronic product - so just how does the designer go about choosing the most appropriate component?

Not only are the components chosen to fulfill the necessary technical requirements, the designer must also consider the price, the availability and lead time, as well as the requirements of that component during the assembly and testing phases. Choosing the wrong component can be costly, not just in terms of the final unit price, it can also impact the product delivery schedule, or even the ultimate success or failure of the product in the market.

Altium® recognizes the critical role that component selection plays in the design process, and develops software technologies, products and teams that help deliver easy-to-use, detailed and accurate component data and component selection systems, directly in to the designer's workspace as a tool feature called ActiveBOM.

ActiveBOM is a powerful Bill of Materials management editor that brings comprehensive BOM management tools together with Altium's powerful part-information aggregation technologies, helping you manage the component selection challenge.

Date : June 10, 2020
Time : 2:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Hosted by : Priyankar Ghosh,
Field Application Engineer


  • Electronic Component Selection and Sourcing Challenges
  • What is ActiveBOM?
  • Overview of ActiveBOM Key Areas and Capabilities
  • Component Supply Chain Matrix
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers

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Priyankar Ghosh, Field Application Engineer

Priyankar Ghosh

Field Application Engineer

Priyankar is working as Field Application Engineer in VVDN and have studied Electronics and Communication engineering from GNIT. Having good knowledge about Altium and other CAD tool features.

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