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PDN Analyzer - visual power integrity Analysis At Design Time.

Altium’s PDN Analyzer tool integrates directly with Altium Designer so you can easily troubleshoot and detect issues like insufficient or excessive copper, uncontrolled voltage drops, marginal voltage at critical power pins, copper islands or peninsulas and similar issues that may be present with the power system in your PCB design.

Key Benefits:

  • Visual Power Analysis

    Easily identify and resolve DC voltage and current density issues during your board layout process with no prior experience necessary.
  • Unified Design & Analysis Environment

    Analyze - Modify - Analyze - Effortlessly merge your analysis and design workflows without any interruption.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Network Simulation

    Calculate network and return path interactions that simple batch simulation won’t provide with true Voltage Regulator Models(VRMs).
  • Configurable HTML reports

    Provide a record of your simulation work, including sortable tables with voltage and current margins, power consumption data, and custom screenshots.
  • Product Reliability at a Lower Cost

    Ensure the correct performance of individual supplies within the design, in terms of standing voltage levels, voltage stability, and trace heating/damage without being excessive.
  • Improved PCB Layout

    Apply design information to create the most effective use of board space and easily identify, locate, correct, and report problematic high current density areas and voltage drop issues.
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